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Auburn diner starts GoFundMe to help 79-year-old dishwasher pay bills

AUBURN, Ind. (WANE) — At 79 years old, Lou Ann Antrup works as a dishwasher at North Main Street Diner in Auburn three or four times each week.

The diner’s owner, Alicia Price, said Antrup has had trouble paying her bills and is at risk of losing her car, so Price decided to start a GoFundMe to help Antrup with her financial troubles.

The GoFundMe, which aims to raise $16,000, hopes to allow Antrup to pay off her car, a few months of rent and some other bills so she can retire.

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“You can see it’s hard on her too by the end of the shift,” Price said. “You can tell it’s bothering her a bit.”

Although Price said she does not like seeing someone Antrup’s age having to work, Price still hired her knowing she needed the money.

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“We enjoy having her here even though, at the same time, we hate to see her working at her age too,” Price said.

Even though Antrup hopes she can retire sooner rather than later, she also is appreciative of what Price has done for her.

“She has been a big help to me,” Antrup said. “[If not] for her, I’d probably be in a hole.”

Price said those who want to help out Antrup can also offer cash donations at the diner, which is located at 1310 N. Main St. in Auburn.

As reported by WANE 15