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Booming Trucking, Warehouse Businesses Need Indiana Workers

The transportation and warehousing industry continues to lead as Indiana’s fastest-growing business sector – and has been for over a decade now.

But these companies, like many others, don’t have enough employees.

The Indiana Business Research Center at Indiana University says despite hiring bonuses and “help wanted” signs posted at trucking companies, too many jobs remain unfilled.

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Center Director Carol Rogers says at the onset of the pandemic, the demand for goods could not keep up with the low supply of workers.

Rogers says Indiana’s Department of Workforce Development has received federal money to create “WorkOne,” an online center arranged by county where people can get information on choosing or changing a career, job training and apprenticeships.

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She says she’s also optimistic that Indiana will continue to offer a “high school to community college to commercial training” pipeline for the next generation of workers in these fields.

As reported by WWBL