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City of Fort Wayne plan to offer $3M to TRAA needs City Council approval

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — On Friday, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry announced the City of Fort Wayne will create a resolution with TRAA that would provide the company $3 million in funding.

The announcement comes in response to the various issues TRAA has dealt with since 2020, including staffing shortages that have hindered the company’s ability to respond to calls.

However, the City of Fort Wayne’s agreement will need to be approved by Fort Wayne City Council, and a resolution approving the funding agreement will be presented to City Council for possible introduction.

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In February, the City of Fort Wayne said it received a request for financial assistance from TRAA and that the Allen County Commissioners also received a similar request.

“I have read the letter, I have talked to the head of TRAA, and it is my opinion that we should assist them,” Mayor Henry said.

Under the agreement, TRAA would provide monthly cash flow statements so the City of Fort Wayne could monitor TRAA’s fiscal performance and need for funding.

The agreement would also have TRAA “reimburse the City for the amounts funded pursuant to the funding agreement as it is reasonably able to do so,” as directed by written notice from the City Controller.

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“Our community should be proud to know that when it mattered most, politics were set aside, and safety and the well-being of all of Allen County was the driving force of all involved in the process,” said Rachel Guin, president of the TRAA Board of Directors.

Although Mayor Henry recognized the “operating concerns and challenges” TRAA has endured the last few years, Mayor Henry said he is confident in the efforts TRAA is making to turn things around.

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“I think [TRAA Executive Director Joel Benz] is working extremely hard to correct a lot of the challenges that have come about,” Mayor Henry said.

The agreement between TRAA and the City of Fort Wayne will likely go before City Council for a possible introduction on Tuesday, March 14.

As reported by WANE 15