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Do you see a bearded dude in Oklahoma logo?

(WISH) — The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is in a fun face-off over its logo that, to some, appears to be a bearded man in an orange hat.

Upon closer examination, the department’s logo shows a bird, a antlered animal and a fish. When it’s viewed in a smaller format, well, some people see what they see.

The department tweeted on Wednesday, “WE πŸ‘ ARE πŸ‘ AWARE πŸ‘ THE πŸ‘ LOGO πŸ‘ LOOKS πŸ‘ LIKE πŸ‘ A πŸ‘ BEARDED πŸ‘ DUDE πŸ‘ IN πŸ‘ AN πŸ‘ ORANGE πŸ‘ HAT πŸ‘

“β€”YOU πŸ‘ DO πŸ‘ NOT πŸ‘ NEED πŸ‘ TO πŸ‘ KEEP πŸ‘ POINTING πŸ‘ THAT πŸ‘ OUT πŸ‘ EVERY πŸ‘ SINGLE πŸ‘ DAY πŸ‘

That began an larger discussion in the tweet about logos. The tweet had more than 900 comments by 9 p.m., more than 10 hours after it was posted.

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PBS replied, “Would now be a bad time to let you know that we thought your logo was a bearded dude in an orange hat?”

To which the department commented on the PBS logo of a person’s head β€” called a “P-Head” β€” with two facial outlines: “(says the sneezing bald dude)”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration noted its logo with the letters “FDA” and asked, “Have you tried using an acronym but inexplicably have your letters touch each other?”

The department replied, “why r they not touching? did they get get in a fight ?”

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An actual bearded man wearing an orange hat tweeted his photo and asked, “When do I get money for my likeness being used?”

The department replied with a GIF showing a person holding a sign that says, “To Me, You Are PERFECT.”

Some suggested the department redesign the logo as an acorn. A tweeter said, “I would buy Official Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Cute Acorn In An Orange Hat merch. Please, @OKWildlifeDept?”

Another tweeter thought the department’s logo design was intentional. The reply to that was a GIF of the late painter Bob Ross, who filmed the PBS TV showΒ “The Joy of Painting” from WIPB in Muncie, Indiana. Among his popular phrases were “let’s add some happy little trees” and — the quote in that GIF — “We don’t make mistakes β€” we just have happy accidents.”

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