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‘I liked it’: AFC Richmond’s Roy Kent gives brief review of ‘Hoosiers,’ has no idea what a Hoosier is

Season Three of the Apple TV+ hit Ted Lasso debuted on the streaming service Wednesday, giving fans the chance to catch up with the titular character and favorites like AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton, Keeley Jones, Jamie Tartt, Sam Obisanya, Dani Rojas and the rest.

Viewers were also treated to a fun exchange about Hoosiers between series MVPs Coach Beard and legendary striker Roy Kent.

It seems the assistant coach gave Roy an assignment between seasons to watch the classic basketball movie Hoosiers. The offhand exchange takes place about nine minutes into the premiere episode of Season Three, “Smells Like Mean Spirit.”

Roy’s response is classic Roy Kent—brief, snarky and a little profane.

“I finally watched it. I liked it,” Roy tells Beard. “Gene Hackman was good. The drunk geezer. The stuff with the team.”

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This all tracks, although Gene Hackman was inarguably great as Coach Norman Dale in the 1986 movie. The “drunk geezer,” of course, refers to Wilbur “Shooter” Flatch played by Dennis Hopper, who was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor. And “the stuff with the team” covers pretty much the plot of the movie, which follows Coach Dale as he develops small-town Hickory into an unlikely state champion.

But there is one thing about the movie that Roy simply can’t wrap his head around.

“I did have one question,” he tells Beard. “Why the [expletive] is it called Hoosiers?

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Roy doesn’t get an answer to that because Ted Lasso enters the office, taking the scene in another direction. It’s called Hoosiers, Roy, because people from Indiana are called Hoosiers and the movie features a lot of them. As for why people from Indiana are called “Hoosiers,” well, that’s a debate that still rages to this very day.

This isn’t the first time the show has worked in a Hoosiers reference. In Season Two’s “Man City,” Lasso takes the team to Wembley Stadium to point out the field dimensions are the same as any other soccer pitch.

It mirrors the scene in Hoosiers in which Coach Dale measures the rims and court at Butler Fieldhouse (later Hinkle) to show his team that while the stage may be larger, the court is the same.

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Unfortunately for Lasso, the Wembley pitch turned out to be larger than the one at AFC Richmond’s Nelson Road Stadium. At least it was a good callback.

New episodes of Ted Lasso air Wednesdays on Apple TV+.

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