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“It doesn’t help”; Fort Wayne gun shop weighs in on executive order

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – President Biden issued an executive order Tuesday that aims to reduce gun violence, but one Fort Wayne gun shop said it won’t help those that it’s trying to protect.

The executive order is geared toward increasing the number of background checks before gun purchases.

However, officials with ZX Gun said they already follow the laws in place to purchase firearms such as making customers complete a background check. Every customer has to do a background check for each gun that they buy.

“If you bought a gun just now and then went to your car and said oh I think I want another one, you get to do another background check,” Phil with ZX Gun said. “Every single time there’s no loopholes on when we don’t have to do one, every single time it happens.”

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They say the order just puts more infringements on those trying to protect themselves.

“It doesn’t help because by definition you can have all the laws you want, but criminals don’t follow the law, so these aren’t going to help,” Phil said.

Phil mentioned that it’s easier for criminals to commit crime in states and cities with more restrictive gun laws.

“So when a bad guy wants to commit a crime, it’s really easy for him to do it in one of those cities that’s got tons of lockdowns and restrictive gun ownership laws because he’s pretty sure that the good guy doesn’t have a gun,” Phil said. “Where in a free state like Indiana, everybody gets to enjoy their Second Amendment right and before somebody would think about breaking into your home, there’s a pretty good chance that the good guy on the other side of that door is armed.”

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The gun shop also says they support safely handling your gun and storing them properly.

“It’s great to have your guns stored in a safe format so that if somebody did break in they wouldn’t be able to just take them and then go commit crimes with a stolen firearm that you legally purchased. I totally support that,” Phil said.

However, he does believe that requiring a homeowner to have every one of their guns locked up and secured is not the best idea.

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“If somebody broke in, they have to say, timeout let me unlock my safe and get to that firearm. That’s absolutely not going to work because again the bad guy doesn’t have to follow those rules, so if you only impose those rules on the law abiding citizen, the criminal is going to win every single time,” Phil said.

As reported by WANE 15