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Police: No law broken when Columbus man shot dog on his property

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Police in Columbus, Indiana determined a man did not break the law when he shot a dog that had attacked his pet on his property last week.

According to police, a homeowner on Glendale Drive called officers on Thursday, March 9 about a wounded dog. The man told responding officers his dog had been attacked and injured by another dog, so he shot the other dog with a handgun.

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The same dog had attacked his dog two days before, the man alleged.

Investigators said based upon statements and physical evidence, the man did not violate state criminal law when he shot and injured the attacking dog.

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The Bartholomew County Prosecutor’s Office also reviewed the evidence and found criminal charges “are not appropriate in light of the facts presented in the police report.”

The dog that was attacked had to be euthanized.

“While we sympathize with both parties involved in this incident, it is the responsibility of law enforcement to apply the law without utilizing personal feelings or opinions,” police stated.

As reported by WTTV CBS4Indy